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Having and Experience with the Old Times LED Coffee Table!

Have you ever played Pong game before? For those of you that haven’t heard or seen it before, it’s a first generation video game, which is released as a coin-operated arcade game by Atari Incorporated on Novemeber 29, 1972!

Basically, this Pong game is based on the sport of Ping Pong, or also known as, Table tennis and it got its name after the sound generated each time the ball hit the virtual pad. For your information, the “Pong” word is also the registered trademark of Atari Interactive, and the term “pong” is used to describe the genre of “bat and ball” video games.

Theoretically, Pong was the first video game to achieve widespread popularity in the arcade and home console markets and it’s the main key to the development of the video game industry too!

This LED Coffee Table is a huge project, as it requires 65 microcontrollers, 4096 LEDs and a coffee table to develop the new light to an old-school video game.

Although it’s quite a lot of electronic components for this project, however the playing rule of this Pong fame is pretty simple. Firstly, four players will sit around a table and try their best to get the highest score. The score is increases, each time the paddle hit and a new ball is introduced on hits 5, 10, 20, 30 etc.

It’s time to have fun with your family and friends in your home!

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