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Have Some Fun with 100W VHF/UHF LCD PIC16F88 SWR Meter!

Well, most of you that have been dealing with SWR meter before, you’ll know that the whole process it’s a horrible and boring moment of all. Thus, you labeled the measuring SWR at VHF/UHF frequency was never a fun experience!

Most radio newbie will assume that their 50 ohms cable is matching a beam or GP, but the fact is they are completely wrong about it.

The SWR meter is a tool that can be used to measure the standing wave ratio in a transmission line and it’s an item of radio equipment, which is to be used to check the quality of the match between the antenna and the transmission line!

Although there are many SWR analog meters available in the market, but most of them were very expensive. Take example, a price of a very simple LCD SWR meter can be ranged from $100 to $500, which it’s a way too much for the home hobbyists.

Instead of buying those expensive ready made SWR meter, why don’t you spend some times and build your own high quality LCD SWR meter with only a low price? This will not only save you a lot of money, but also will test your ability in the SWR meter field as well!

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