Have a Nice Drive with MPGuino

Do you know how can this MPGuino service you?

MPGuino is a part of the OpenGauge instrumentation tool, which was created for the efficiency of instrumentation of all sorts.

MPGuino is a Miles Per Gallon gauge for fuel injected vehicles, which is based on the arduino platform. Furthermore, the extra circuitry in MPGuino is for monitoring the fuel injectors and the speed sensor in the vehicle.

Those parts that we needed:

  • Two 5.1v zener diodes
  • One 2n3906 PNP Transistor
  • One 100 ohm resistor
  • One 2.7k resistor
  • Two 100k resistors
  • Three tactile switches
  • One freeduino arduino clone
  • One LCD

There are eight screens for this project, which:

  1. The main and formatted (consists of instant, current, tank),
  2. Raw (consists of instant, current, tank),
  3. CPU utilization,
  4. Free memory.

As the Main will display instant and current mpg and tank miles and gallons; the formatted displays MPH,MPG,Miles,Gallons. Raw will displays inj open Seconds, inj open microSeconds, injector count, vss count.

For the buttons:

Left: use for cycle through screeens in reverse
Middle: use for cycle through pre-defined brightness settings
Right: use for cycle through screeens forward direction
Left+middle: function for tank reset
Right+middle: act as current reset
Left+right: for run simulated data

For more information, you need to check at this Ecomodder forum.

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