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Handy pH sensor with USB interface

One of key parameters of water, soil and even food is pH level. It indicates the activity of hydrogen ion. In simple therms if pH level is less than 7 it is said that solution is acidic if greater than 7 – alkaline. Around 7 it is somewhat neutral. You can find lots of information about pH and what it means in different areas. For instance when gardening, soil pH level can have significant influence in growth of different plants and so on. So if you feel that you need to control this parameter you may need a pH meter. Ryan is passionate gardener and he likes to experiment with water parameters like pH. So he has been developing open source pH sensors. His earlier was very simple I2C based pH adapter that can be used in any embedded system. This time he introduces an upgraded version of sensor module that has USB interface.

pH meter

This is called LeoPhi USB enabled pH interface. It includes an Atmega32U4 with Arduino Leonardo bootloader to be user friendly when updating firmware. LeoPhi can be used as standalone sensor or be part of another embedded system. USB interface allows accessing it from USB host and do basic readings. It seems that pH meter is gonna be a standard form factor for different type sensor platforms like LeoEc (electric conductivity) and LeoDO (dissolved oxygen).

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