Handy Attiny2313 breadboard module

Prototyping on a breadboard is a fast way to put up a circuit. Despite the fact that more and more components come in SMT packages breadboards are actively used. Microcontroller hobbyists probably always find themselves in situation where they assemble same MCU part over and over again. This is a waste of time. So why not make a breadboard module which may be plugged in stay focused on real issues related to project.

johngineer designed pretty handy Attiny2313 breadboard module which frees from repetitive microcontroller assembly part but also solves power problems as it already has a voltage regulator. Module like no others mounts on breadboard power rails that are on a side and leaves most of space unoccupied for prototyping. So if you do lots of projects based on Attiny2313 or Attiny4313 add to your to do list.

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