Handy Atmel SAM D09 board

Atmel produce great ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers that also come in convenient SOIC. One of smallest micros SAM D09C which packs some great features. First of all it is capable of running at 48MHz and includes 8K of FLASH and 4K of RAM. There are 12 GPIO pins available that share Serial interface, ADC, interrupt, SWD, Waveform outputs and so on. And since it is ARM processor, it packs more processing power than similar AVRs.


Dan Watson decided to build a SAM D09 development board for easy prototyping and embedding in to any project. He tried to keep the ability of using all functionality of chip, so he included 32.768kHz oscillator for RTC. It also can be used to run the system clock with on-board DFLL or DPLL. Other features include power LED, reset button, user LED, 10-pin cortex debugging header. Also on board you can find CR2032 battery holder that can be used to power the microcontroller or make it as backup source.

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  1. Very nice Details.Will love to try this board for my projects.Can you please suggest good GCC Compiler.

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