Handy 8051 MCU interfacing online tutorial

8051 microcontrollers are old but stil very popular. There are number of books is written about them and almost every IC manufacturer is producing 8051 core products. And why not, because there are tons of very useful products made upon 8051 microcontrollers. You can find very efficient microcontrollers with 8051 architecture(Flash, EEPROM memories, multiple peripherals, ISP, you may find ones that executes one instruction per clock cycle).



Mahesh Wankhede have edited nice handy tutorial about 8051 microcontroller interfacing to peripherals like I/O Ports LED, Switch, Relay, ULN, RS232C Cell Phones, GPS receiver, 7-Seg. Display, LCD Display, ADC & DAC, Sensors, Stepper Motor, DTMF Decoder, Keyboard, External Memory with relevant theory, schematics and sample codes in Assembly language and C language. For someone this may be a kick start to a new project.

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  1. Link not working. Please see to it. I’m really interested in those projects.

  2. I found the problem with the link. It is a typo.
    Instead of http://www1.freewebs.com/maheshwankhede/index.html
    it should be http://www.freewebs.com/maheshwankhede/index.html



  3. Link has been corrected. Thank you for notice.

  4. link is broken

  5. Seems to be working OK.

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