Handheld pocket health monitor

This health monitor may become a dream of many people while it is capable to monitor most of human bio-signals including ECG, EMG, GSR, Pulse Oximetry, Temperature, Breathing sounds and even movement with 3 axis accelerometer.



This health monitor is based on Texas Instruments MSP430 MCU which is characterizes as low power microcontroller. Data is sent via blue-tooth to Pocket PC where data is analysed and displayed as graphs. Also data is recorded to dataflash for backup.


You may view this device demonstration video here(27Mb!!!).

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  1. Oh hey, I made that 🙂

    That’s old though; that was the first version. We’re on our 4th prototype and will soon be getting our 5th before starting human trials. check http://reza.net/hm/ for more info.

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