Grab This Open GPS Tracker Today

Are you feeling afraid or nervous when you find yourself getting lost in a place you have never been before? Do not let this embarrassment situation happen to you again!

You can easily overcome the above manner if you have an Open GPS Tracker. You must wondered, any special features for this GPS tracker. Well, GPS tracker is a small and smart device that plugs into a $20 prepaid mobile phone. It’s consistently respond to the text messages and even your recently location by Google Maps or Wikimapia.

open gps tracker project

The three main components need for GPS tracker:

  • Tyco Electronics A1035D GPS module
  • Motorola C168i AT&T GoPhone prepaid mobile phone
  • Atmel ATTINY84-20PU AVR microcontroller

Another good news is the phone is currently available FREE, that is mean you can get the phone without any contract on it. If you want to know more how to get it, then you need to check out the ‘forum‘ for detail before May 10! You can get relief and no more ‘hide and seek’ with this GPS tracker.

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  1. How are you connecting up to the c168i? That’s a pretty cheap phone. On top I thought was just a speaker jack. How are you receiving text messages through it? Am I missing something here?

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