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GPS mobile phone controlled by AVR

The goal of this project was to build affordable mobile tracker. Device can be put in a car where it can trigger an alarm when car gets stolen.



Device itself is very simple as GSM module already comes with GPS module (GM862) built in. Alexander Weber connected this module to Atmel’s Atmega8 microcontroller (circuit) and communicated using serial modem communication protocol. Device can send text SMS message with device GPS position data. Project author provided only eagle circuit.


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  1. Is there any plan for GPRS tracking.

  2. Very nice!!

  3. Hey, thanks for the post here. It’s been a while since yo created this and I’m planning on making it with a few tweeks.
    Can you tell me if the GPS can be powered up seperately from the GSM? I can see this working better for power saving if you can power up the GPS when a text is received.

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