Get your right medication in time with Automatic Medication Dispenser

I believe many people are on some medications or other vitamins. So this project might be interesting for those “nerdy” ones who like everything to be scientific and technical. Automatic medical dispenser is an AVR based machine which automatically gives a pill at a time when needed. So no confusion or forgetting. It has running calendar and clock to track time, while correct pills are dispensed from CNC milled drums.

Machine working idea is pretty simple. It has seven drums for each weekday and each drum has four compartments to store pills. Medication time can be set with two buttons and LCD menu. So when there is a time to take a pill – dispenser drops pills and sounds alarm. After you take pills you stop alarm by pushing a button. The idea is simple, but be sure it works correctly especially when taking strong medication. Let the first round be vitamins.

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