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Get Involve with AVR Logic Analyzer

How often do you involve yourself with AVR logic analyzer? Or, would you interested to develop a simple and powerful AVR logic analyzer for your own use?

Well, then you must take a seat first, as you’re about to going into the journey of AVR logic analyzer. This project is uses ATmega168 microcontrollers, where the microcontroller will use its pin change interrupt, so it can detect a change in logic level on any of the six pins.

So, if the pins detect a change, the value is to be stored in a 1000 byte buffer. If the serial port is not that busy, then it will send the data to the computer is a FIFO (first in first out) fashion.

Furthermore, the computer can be changed the interrupt mask register to enable or disable changes triggering a particular pin. Since the firmware is well written in AVR-GCC with AVR Studio, hence, it can be modified and applied on any microcontroller with hardware UART and pin change interrupts.

Since this is a very simple and easy to develop project, thus you don’t need to buy too fancy components for it. An ATMega168, a 16MHZ clock source and a reset button is more than enough here!

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  1. I like it so it can be loaded into the arduino decima. Where are the download links & other stuff? Online documented code would help. Setup instructions for the arduino?
    harware interups could make it faster.

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