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Garden Monitor Outdoor System – It Will Take Care Your Backyard Soil Moisture

You’re too tired or lazy to wake up at 6:00, rush to your backyard and watering the plants? Well, you can always having a longer and quality sleep without need to wake up early just for the watering purpose, by creating a “Garden Monitor Outdoor System”.

Before you starting the project, you need to pay attention to these following factors:

  • The sunlight intensity at the surface
  • Temperature at the surface
  • Humidity at the surface
  • Temperature at three inch depth
  • Moisture content at three inch depth
  • Temperature at two foot depth
  • Moisture content at two foot depth

Ok, let’s the project started…

Firstly, you need to apply the code for the Remote Programming Module 08M Code, which you can get it Here.

Beside that, you have to follow the below instructions:

  1. Blinks the LED three times on power up
  2. Waits for it’s address and grabs the Requested Function and Data
  3. Lights the “Addressed” LED and returns what it’s read
  4. Executes the requested Function by using the supplied Data
  5. Turns the “Addressed” LED off
  6. Repeats the No1- No5 steps

Since the Remote Programming Module has sensitive electronics and connections, which it can be affected by the bad and unexpected weathering, you need to make a protective casing for the outdoor electrical box. Now, you can have a good assistant for helping you at the soil moisture’s matter.

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