Fun FPV RC tank

If you have an Android phone you can download IP Webcam application and have remote IP camera where you can see video stream in web browser screen. But this stuff may become boring as you camera isn’t moving. Nikus decided to build a better solution that would allow follow things with FPV (First Person View). He took Arduino Leonardo and equipped it with robotic threaded platform.

He used H-bridge TB6612FNG circuit to control motion motors. Also he added two servos for camera pan and tilt control. He built RF remote link by using two NRF24L01 modules. On his remote control he assembled two joysticks that are interfaced to another Arduino. After assemble was complete he had great robot that can move around the house and record videos. Since video is streamed to PC, it becomes easy to control. There can be lots of funny video made while crawling around.

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