Feel The Differences of The Sanguino Today!

You’re a home hobbyist that loves to spend most of the time developing cool and creative electronic stuffs? However, you still wish to create a super Arduino board that has many awesome features on a single board?

Well, congratulation as you’ll try to learn to develop the Sanguino board today! Ok, first thing first, the meaning of “Sanguino” is a red and fun microcontroller board, which is based on the ATmega644P.

If you’re already bored of the Arduino or wiring board, where the latter one can be costly indeed, then you can test your talent by simply design your very own Sanguino board! Since the Sanguino development project is only requires the Arduino software and it’s all in the open source, thus you won’t have any problem creating your own powerful yet multipurpose Sanguino board!

Sanguino board has the following cool features, which made it unique than the Arduino and there are:

  • The Atmega644P core
  • 32 total general purpose I/O pins
  • Eight analog pins
  • Six Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) pins
  • 64K flash memory
  • 4K RAM
  • Two hardware serial ports and
  • 100% open source (this is the coolest part!)

When you’re done with this project, you’ll have a cute yet powerful little Sanguino board, which you can apply it for the prototyping, hacking or for any permanent porjects (Of course, you shouldn’t use it for the hacking purposes 😉

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