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Fast way creating temperature logger with PIC

Temperature is one of parameters that affect our lives directly. It is important to know ambient temperature of working place, of an object or simply track its pattern during some time. For this temperature loggers work best. Loggers can be different in their design especially how they store data. If you really want to have stand alone you might go with local storage media and battery power source.

But sometimes you just need simple and fast solution to track your room temperature. Why build complex circuit for this. Embedded-lab suggests using an USB-UART converter that you probably already have and attach small PIC12F1822 board that only interfaces MCP9701 temperature sensor. It doesn’t need power supply circuit as chip draws it from USB converter board. Main advantage of this solution is that microcontroller has only to read sensor data and transfer it to USART where it goes to PC. Whole magic happens in PC software where you aren’t so limited with resources like storage space or visualization capabilities. With Processing you can draw nice graphical representations of temperature and have GUI based control of device.

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  1. I did a logger for avr, used to store the 24LC08
    process described here http://avrproject.ru/publ/logger_temperatury/1-1-0-48

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