Facing sun with MSP430 based tracker

Solar panels are most effective when facing sun directly. So if you want to get most energy, you need to track sun trajectory in order to keep panels always facing towards the sun. Actually this is fairly easy task. In this solution vigneshraja shares setup built of couple light dependent resistors (LDR) and single motor to track sun.

Tracker is built on MSP430G2231 microcontroller that sit in Launchpad. Interesting thing is that two LDRs are in stationary position that determine sun position by comparing their values. Motor is driven through H-Bridge motor controller. Such solution is great for near equator locations, but in other areas sun wont travel directly above, so probably more suitable tracker should have two motors controlling both angles to point sun directly.

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  1. Christian Tambe

    Great Project!

  2. Two motors aren’t necessary when away from equatorial regions. Simply set the second angle to your latitude (plus or minus depending on the time of the year) and adjust it manually every month or two.

  3. Great… I want this to make using MSP430FR5739. plz can u give the code for it soon. it will very help to us.

  4. Can u plz give me the source code for MSP430FR5739 microcontroller.

  5. Can you please send me a source code for MSP430G2553.

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