Experiment with MSP430 FRAM board via web interface

MSP EXP430FR5739 FRAM-based microcontroller board is an interesting piece of hardware. It features FRAM memory instead of Flash, which is claimed to withstand an almost unlimited number of Reads and Writes. It is also faster. It can substitute an EEPROM onboard. But it is not a very popular technology due to different manufacturing. There is an MSP430 microcontroller on this development board, which has 16KB FRAM, 1KB of SRAM. It carries eight LEDs, an MTC thermistor, a 3-axes digital accelerometer, optional LDR, couple of buttons. So this is great for many uses.

Even if it doesn’t have Ethernet connectivity, webui_msp430 decided to build Web UI to do experiments with visual feedback. He used a Linux based host where Python reads data from USB and updates data to the webpage using node.js. Web interface displays analog inputs and all three accelerometer channels that are also represented in separate graphs. There is also the ability to toggle any of eight LEDs from the webpage.

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