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Experiencing virtual reality with smart phone based 3D glasses

Virtual 3D reality is an exiting experience. Some time ago, it was somewhat complex and expensive, today everyone can have their own virtual reality headset. It basically requires two things – a smart phone with higher possible resolution screen and glasses itself where smart-phone fits in.


You can find lots of variations of glasses in internet – even made of cardboard. But for better experience probably you should choose softer and more convenient material.


Gearbest has been offering really cool 3D glasses for 4.7 – 5.7 inch smart phones. They come with everything you need to start experiencing 3D world. The case is made of high class Lycra with built in aspherical lens and convenient zipper to lock your phone in.

Once you are set, you can download VR apps for your smart phone and start playing games, taking tours around virtual world, learn something. The position sensor based on smart phone gyroscope and accelerometer lets you track head movements, so you can feel the surroundings like it was real. Make sure that your phone has high resolution screen so you could enjoy detailed view.

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