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Essential Push Notifications Marketing Strategies You Need To Try ASAP

We are about to witness the beginning of a new decade, and this inevitably means more competition in the industry. The same is the case with the mobile app domain, with millions of Android and iOS apps available in the app stores, and app developers needing to pull up some new tricks to rank at the top. 

Push Notifications Marketing Strategies

In this article, we will be discussing one of those tricks, i.e. push notifications. Integrating the option of push notifications in your mobile application has various advantages to it, but this integration should be done in a meaningful and fruitful way to reap the maximum output.

Top Push Notification Strategies for 2020

We have compiled a list of essential push notification strategies as suggested by Top Push Notifications Service Providers for the upcoming year that you cannot afford to miss, which are as follows:

1. Utilizing Different Communication Channels

A simple yet effective push notification strategy is to utilize various communication channels to encourage app users to subscribe to the services offered by the application. For instance, web push notifications are being widely adopted in the digital domain.

You can promote the benefits of subscribing to your app through the means of different channels with push notifications. These advantages may also include the latest updates, new trends or even discounts.

In addition to this, app developers can also include promotional links on different communication channels for users to divert them towards the opt-in landing page. Emails and Newsletters are two of the most popular methods to try out this tactic.

2. Integrating CTA (Call-To-Action) Buttons

The next strategy that you can use when it comes to push-notifications is adding call-to-action buttons, also known as CTAs. App developers can include call-to-action buttons in their category or on product pages that receive maximum user retention. Our recommendation would be to have a plain header or footer opt-in for the screens where you are adding CTA buttons.

Consider that you have a mobile e-commerce app and one of your objectives is to encourage the users to take appropriate actions like making a product purchase, adding an item to the wishlist, applying a coupon code, etc. Now, it’s the developer’s job to add particular CTAs as per the action required. This will act as a technique to convert a visitor into a customer.

3. Mapping of Users’ Activities

In order to implement the mapping of activities of your target audience smoothly, developers are allowed to set different actions before the opt-in option appears on the screen. This is a crucial step as the app users need to be aware of the advantages of receiving push notifications including smooth user navigation and overall clear experience of the app. 

Some of the high priority instances where you can successfully turn your app users into your customers are as follows:

  • Reading a blog or article
  • Viewing a product or service
  • Surpassing a set time session

4. Sending Out Reminder Messages

It is essential to keep reminding your app users about the services that your app has to offer them. These reminder messages work better when customized as per user preferences. App developers can even go for messages that are automatic in nature and can be triggered once the user opts for a push notification alert.

Once the user is subscribed to the push notifications, you can even send them a welcome message mentioning their subscription to the latest updates of the application.

Why Exactly Do Push Notifications Matter?

Now that we have gone through all the best push notification strategies, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why push notifications are crucial to be included in mobile applications:

  • Rather than just using the functionality of push notifications as an effective marketing tactic, you can also send personalized push notifications to enhance the overall user experience.
  • In comparison to other forms of mobile app marketing, push notifications have much higher opening conversation rates for app users.
  • Effective push notifications can quickly help to boost your app engagement. Users who tend to engage actively will continue to use your app as well as support your brand.
  • Do not make the fundamental mistake of sending the same push message to all of your app users. You need to work on making each notification alert personalized as per the user base. This can be done in terms of age, location, gender, and many other factors.
  • As per recent statistics, it was reported that push notifications with personalized content have almost double opening conversation rates than non-personalized content. This will further lead to higher user retention rates for your mobile app.
  • You need to keep in mind that the lock screen and notification centers for Android and iOS devices are different. On making changes to your push notifications based on the platform that your app is supporting.
  • In order to make your notifications more relevant, you can send a timely push notification alert based on the location of your app users if the location falls within your geofencing range.

Currently, the majority of brands are utilizing geofencing technology, which is in sync with their app’s push notifications and alerts that play a significant role in driving their sales from target users who install their mobile app on their devices.

One of the best ways to ensure that your app users don’t opt-out of the push notifications option is by being selective on the alerts you are sending out. Instead of sending too many push messages, you should focus on a limited number of push notifications and that also on time.

Final Word

The above-mentioned push notification strategies can come in handy for app developers and app owners who are looking forward to boosting their following on different social media platforms through the means of customized push messages.

One of the most vital things that you need to keep in mind while utilizing these strategies is to test as well as analyze each and every push notification strategy with the help of advanced qualitative tools that you have decided to opt for.

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Twinkle is the product head of MobileAppDaily and keeps a close eye on the latest and trending tech releases. With her wise taste of the tech industry, she has single-handedly created a recognizable brand image.

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