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ESP8266 client-server based wireless weather station

If you ever tried to build weather station, you probably know that wired solution sucks. For something more serious always go with wireless – this way you are not limited by distance and setup looks clean. Rui Santos have been working on wireless weather station where he implements server-client solution with two ESP8266 modules. Client module takes care of reading temperature from DS18B20 sensor and reads ADC value on one pin. Server side module receives data and transfers to PC using serial interface using FTDI adapter.

ESP8266 weather station

He used Things Gateway – software written by Roberto Valgolio. It allows reading and writing data from/to microcontroller using excel, csv, send emails and display charts. All you need is to configure Things Gateway to accepts serial data and point it to excel spreadsheet tabs. Once you have it working, you can start adding more sensors like barometric pressure, light, humidity, wind speed, rain and so on.

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