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Enter contest with your FPGA based POV

Pyroelectro announced that they started contest on building FPGA or CPLD based POV (Persistence Of Vision). There are plenty of microcontroller driven POV displays, clocks and 3D sculptures. FPGA’s can also be successfully used to build various types of POV’s.


Give a try and win prize (Basys2 Spartan-3E FPGA board). Submit your entry to contests@pyroelectro.com with the subject line “PyroElectro POV Contest.” Your entry must contain two photos of the device – one of its components in a well-lit environment and one of it in action in a darkened environment – as well as a circuit diagram and the VHDL code to run the device.

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  1. why your web site circuits does not have full details , it just says like this there is a project, but no description to learn or to understand, it looks like displaying devices.please give link for articles your website displays

  2. The link to the source is under “read” link.

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