Enlightening Your Life with Biophionitos

What if I tell you, that you can have a virtual pet (not the online one) and you don’t need to spend a dime for the feeding, would you mind to have one?

Well, let’s meet this Biophionitos, which it is a reflection on the virtual creative processes and an inspirational DIY project (Your child will love this one for sure).

The main objective of the Biophionitos is to create artificial life using the Zootropes idea. Thus, you can easily draw a virtual animal or even use this as a physical animation too.

This Biophionitos stuff enables you to compose a limited series of simple polygons. In the final stage, you will get a round shape with sixteen sequences of the animals, which can be printed and inserted in a phenakistoscop.

There are four basic modes for this Biophionitos and there are feed, play, hug and light.

All of the four modes almost using the same components, which as:

  1. Arduino Board (except the EMI board for light mode )
  2. DC Motor 9-12V
  3. 22 uF capacitor
  4. 1K ohm resistor (it needs two 1K ohm resistors for light mode)
  5. TIP 120 Darlington Transistor
  6. Two brightness white LED

The sensor for each mode will be slightly different:, where:

  • The feed mode – CNY70 sensor
  • The play mode – Sharp GP2D120 sensor
  • The hug mode – Piezo-electric sensor
  • The lightmode – LDR (10-50K ohm) sensor

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