ENGADINO – Arduino-like platform

Engadino, the word might sound strange initially but it has been named after Engadin- which is a ski resort in Switzerland. The project is exactly a duplicate of Pinguino which have an Arduino-like electronics platform. The difference lies in the microcontroller used. For the Arduino, the microcontrollers are made by ATMEL while for the Pinguino, they are made by Microchip. Since it’s an arduino type platform it has an on-board boot loader and also supports the programming via usb just like the arduino.


It makes you write easily your application without spending hours learning pragma, configuration bits or command line compiler. Pinguino is Free Open Source software released under the terms of the GNU GPLv2 (General Public License version 2). Pinguino Boards are Open Hardware. All the project files are available on the website pinguino.cc. The only difference between Pinguino and Endagino is the size of the board, the Endagino has dual layer using SMD based components, The Endagino is designed to use a shield based approach while the Pinguino is designed to use with breadboards since it has male pin connectors.

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