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Electronic Floor

The team for this project were asked to build “something new” for the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco, so in several months they managed to build a digital/physical environment for kids called “Sense It”. A part of this project involved designing a pressure sensitive electronic floor which has been named as electric floor. It’s of 168 square foot with a pressure sensor placed at every 1 square foot

Electronic Floor

The aim of the ActiveFloor project was to create a new type of digital input device that could sense and track multiple children running or jumping in the exhibit, and hence allowing games running on the accompanying LED wall to respond appropriately. There are a total of twenty-one 2′x4′ tiles, each one including 8 pressure-sensitive resistors and an ATtiny84 based platform. All the microcontrollers digitize their 8 sensor signals and send their conversion results to a beaglebone. The main reason for using the beagle board was that they wanted to send the floor data over Ethernet as UDP so that it could act as a completely decoupled system from the rest of the room.

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