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Electric go-kart with Arduino computer

Riding karts is fun, but not everyone can afford to buy one especially electric. Gizzmotronics have shared his own creation – electric go-cart. He assembled all electric and electronics part including motor driving system, Arduino based controller, lights and even LCD on steering wheel.


He’s chosen Hobbywing Xerun 150A brushless motor speed controller which drives BSM5065 450Kv motor. Three Lithium polymer 5 cell batteries provide enough juice to enjoy the ride at top speed 30mph for up to 30 minutes. PWM to drive ESC is generated by Arduino. Building such things require some mechanical effort to make all orchestra play smoothly. Everything has to be properly aligned, every moving part needs a bearing. Motor controller tend to get hot – it also requires separate fan cooling. He made couple dashboard in a plywood boxes where on is dedicated to power management, while other is for throttle control. The graphical LCD on a handlebar indicates the status of all system including gear level, lights, battery health. This is really fun project when results give even more fun.

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