ECE 576 UDP Hardware – A Truly Remarkable Project!

Every person has his/her uniqueness and this makes the world becoming even more fantastic. Some people are great in the hardware parts, while other is experts in the software. Well, it would be a plus, if you’re mastered both the hardware and software parts!

Our today’s project, the ECE 576 UDP Hardware is quite challenging, as it requires a lot of advanced knowledge in the internet protocol suite. For those who didn’t realize, the user datagram protocol is one of the core members of the Internet Protocol Suite, which is a set of network protocols used for the internet.

FPGA project

Technically, with UDP hardware, a computer is able to send out messages in datagram forms to other hosts on an Internet Protocol network. In this case, there’s no need to has a prior communication to set up special transmission channels or data paths!

Most of the time, UDP hardware also being called as the “Universal Datagram Protocol”. David P. Reed was the father of the protocol, when he discovered this method in 1980!

For this project, you’re going to build the ECE 576 UDP Hardware on the DE2 evaluation board, which is interfacing with the DM9000A MAC/PHY chip on the board. Make sure it includes the full IPv4 protocol and the ARP protocol for MAC address resolution.

Lastly, the UDP hardware interfaces with the DMA9000A, by using the DE2_NET software.

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