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Easy To Make Steam Gauge

This instructable is about a steam gauge which can easily get hooked up in your kitchen and can easily be mounted on the wall on a permanent basis. With the help of some basic mechanical skills, little fabrication knowledge and of course Arduino programming, you can easily make this in your home. Also, a little knowledge of wood working is required to make the gauge look more beautiful and appealing. On first look it might sound a little tougher to make but the instructable is written really well to guide you. All the components will be easily available online

The Steam Punk look is really awesome to watch. The whole project was made in a span of 6 months. An Arduino sketch is created which generates random movement by having the servo rotate for various lengths of time. The sketch is never ending; it will run until power is shut off to the Arduino.  Apart from it, there is a combination of limit switched placed so as to limit the speed as well as range in the opposite direction.

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