Easy to build auto-range capacitance meter

If your multimeter doesn’t measure capacitance or you want to have wide auto-range capacitance measurement capabilities then try this project. Capacitance meter measurement range is quite large (from 5pF up to 2600μF) and of course range is selected automatically.

PIC Capacitance meter


This capacitance meter like others use charging time measurement technique (τ=RC). Circuit is really simple. There are three buttons used. Two of them are used to calibrate capacitance meter in order to remove stray capacitance. Third button is used to save calibration data to EEPROM memory. You can download assembly source code compile and burn to PIC16F873A microcontroller. I guess this is a nice tool that fits in to collection.

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  2. Hi,
    You dont seem to provide a type or model for the LCD display!



  3. This is a standard 2×16 alphanumeric LCD model with common HD44780 controller.

  4. I can’t find a value for capacitor CX. Can you supply this value? Thanks, Vik.

  5. It seems to me that CX is the cap under test.

  6. I need a special capacitancemeter. If you interest, please send e-mail to me.


  7. The geocities Homepage is gone. Anyone has another link to this project, or a offline version?

  8. Can anyone send me more information for this project. plss link is broken !!!!

  9. The geocities link is broken!
    Please, provide another one.

  10. Site seems to be off. Hopefully there are some alternative. If someone find another working link, please post it here in comments. Thanks.

  11. please, some body helps me wiz capacitance meter that measured upto 10uf. or directed me. pls wz pic. thanks.

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