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Easy Input – The Great Helper of Disabled People!

As a human being, we should be  glad that we’re born as a healthy person. Do you know that there are many unfortunate people that living helpless in this world?

For helping those disabled people to overcome the difficulties in their life, a group of research from Cornell University School of Electrical and Computer Engineering has developed an intelligent stuff named, “Easy Input”. For your information, Easy Input is a head-controlled keyboard and mouse input device, especially for those disabled users.


This system is a little bit different from others, as it uses accelerometers to detect the user’s head tilt in order to direct mouse movement on the monitor. This system is most suitable for paralyzed users, where the user can control the clicking of the mouse by blinking his/her eye through a reflective sensor.

With the eye blinking, the user is able to scroll through letters with head tilt as the selection mechanism.

Though, this project isn’t suitable for commercial device, as the head unit is still too large. Furthermore, the blink sensor also has to be mounted onto a clip, so it could be easily being used by people that wearing glasses!

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