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Dual Axis Level Sensor – The Perfect Application for Home or Industrial

Most of the time, we’re have been experiencing this awful situation before. Go figure, how many times you’ve tried to adjust something for level with a spanner, but you’re not able to see how you doing!

Furthermore, things start to out of control, if you are handling a pool table that has four adjustable feet, which you can fiddling around with the spanner and trying to figure out what is the exact table level is! Yeah, the whole scene could turn into a really nasty and huge pain for the fixer…

Dual-Axis Level Sensor

However, there’s better solution for the above matter. Let’s meet the Mr. Incredible, Dual-Axis Level Sensor (Oops, is it really a person?).

Basically, the dual-axis level sensor is based on LPC2138 microcontroller. Even though the designation is quite simple and unattractive, but it provides exceptional convenience to the users!

For your information, the sensor system is fully-designed around electrolytic tilt sensors, where is capable of providing precise positioning measurements in within a few seconds!

The units form the basis for many other applications. The Dual-axis level sensor is including with self-leveling platform, builder level, pinball, pool table leveling and other industrial applications. Hence, it’s suitable for being used, not only at home but in the industry sectors as well!

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