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DTMF Phone Dialer – An Ugly But Useful Phone System

Phone Dialer is the most common communication tool in an office (Can you imagine the mess and difficulty without this multipurpose tool?). An easy to access and fast connection DTMF Phone Dialer can be an excellent assistant in your office.

The reason why you must have a DTMF Phone Dialer:

  • It has a big LCD screen with a fancy menus
  • It equips with different modes
  • PC connection for remote control of the phone
  • E-mailing voice messages

The circuit that used in this phone dialer is NTE1690 DTMF dialer chip and a PIC 16F690 microcontroller.

phone dialer

Have you notice that the phone dialer box consist two RJ9 ports at the back. One is connected to handset’s port for the phone, while the other is to the headset itself. It is works efficiently both on IP-phones and standard phones.

This DTMF Phone dialer has the following features:

  1. Storing phone number
  2. Dialing the stored number
  3. Copy the stored numbers from one portal to another
  4. Dialing the phone number manually
  5. Change the dial speed accordingly

I admitted, this DTMF phone dialer is a little bit ugly, but it definitely eases your communication matter.

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