Driving allegro A4988 using arduino

Stepper motors can be used in many handy applications. Their rotation angle and speed are easily controllable within some safe range. But in order to drive them correctly you will need to count pulses as stepper motors is spinning only when it gets step commands. Luca shares his experiment where he explains how to drive allegro A4988 stepper motor using building blocs of hardware including Arduino, LCD keypad shield and Pololu A4988 driver.

Driving allegro A4988 using arduino

He wrote software bits that allows him controlling motor speeds from 0 to 70RPM. Using keypad shield buttons he is able to adjust rotating speed and direction while seeing current results on LCD screen including progress bar. Arduino sketch code uses timer1 to calculate timing steps. He uses Timer1 library for easy configuring the timer without digging too deep into of AVR chip itself.

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