Dotclock – an open source hackable clock

To make another digital clock that is’t boring you must try hard. Dotclock project seems to be one of these clocks that pretend to be interesting and different. Despite its nice design it’s functionality is also cool. Great and simple design goes along with cool functionality. It uses a series of animations to tell time. Animation bits are taken from various well known classic games like Pong, Tetris, Pacman and Sspace Invaders.

DOTKLOK: Game Time from The Latest Artists on Vimeo.

Clock is built around Atmega328 microcontroller with Arduino bootloader. Time is displayed on dot Led matrix. So it is easy to hack, modify or blow your own clock code. As usually clock uses a DS1307 RTC chip to display correct time over time. If you are interested in this project, there are ready pieces to purchase.

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  1. “Despite its nice design it’s functionality […]”

    How’d you get one “its” right but the other one wrong?

  2. Wrong expression. Thanks for response.

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