Don’t Miss Counting Any Lightning Strike!

The nature is a very magnificent place, where it covers with many unrevealed mysteries that waiting for us to discover it. Amongst the Natural phenomenon, the lightning is one of the most incredible of all.

There are many people out there that have deep interest about catching the picture of lightning or counting the frequency of lightning strike. Well, it would be fun, if we combine both of it into one, isn’t it?


This is a device, where it could trigger a camera to fire during a lightning strike. For your information, the time lapse shot of a lightning strike is about 100 ms. In order to catch the lightning strike without any deletion, you have to find a camera that has a shutter lag less than 70 ms. It is because if the shutter lag is more than 100 ms, you’re probably couldn’t catch the lightning strike right on time!

For detecting the lightning strike instantly, it’s better to keep the circuit as simple as possible. In addition, you have to make sure that the resistor is sensitive enough and can work well even there is only a little infrared light!

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