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DIY Your Very Own ArduiNIX!

Honestly, the electronics world become even more fascinating, especially soon after the Arduino has been introduced into the market. Believe it or not, Arduinos have successfully dominated the electronics market, as there are more and more electronics manufacturers using it to develop the circuit boards!

The Arduino is a very special device, as it can be easily modified and match up with other electronic components. The ArduiNIX was the great example for proving the above facts.


For your information, the ArduiNIX is a spectacular creation by two video game developers, Jeremy Howa and Bradley Lewis. They both have taken over six months to research and build this device. They got the idea to drive a nixie clock by using Arduino, and there’s how the ArduiNIX was born!

Basically, the ArduiNIX is an Arduino Decimelia compatible shield. This also means that it can plug right onto the top of the Arduino board without further modification! The ArduiNIX claims to take care of stepping power from 9V DC wall wart up to a maximum of approximately 200V DC to drive all Nixie tubes. Furthermore, ArduiNIX provides multiplexed display for up to 80 elements, by simply using 4 anode channels and 20 cathode channels.

As a result, the multiplexing will increase the life expectancy of the nixie tubes. In overall, ArduiNIX is a very good Arduino board, and you should consider using it, especially when you want to build something with Nixie tubes!

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