DIY Your Own Intel 8008 Computer Clock!

Home hobbyists can be divided into two different types. The first type is the follower, which they might only follow what the people taught on the website and do the same, as the inventors did! In other hand, the second type is more like the innovator, where they’ll review, practice and makes some changes or modification with their projects!

Honestly, which type of you belongs to? The straight follower or the creative innovator?

Well, no matter what type you’re, today’s project is going to blow you off… For your information, the project is a clock based on an Intel 8008 first generation 8 bit microprocessor. Basically, it’s a fully operational 8008 computer. Hence, its 16k of memory space is compatible to be used with several combination or RAM and EPROM.

Intel 8008 Clock

You have to design the project into four input and four output ports. Also, don’t forget to include the front panel, so that it can be used to examine or modify memory, once it jam in an interrupt instruction!

Please remember that you can’t load the 8008 computer clock down with more than one TTL load. Instead, you need to buffer all signal lines, which is coming from the CPU!

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  2. I don’t know if making a short review of a project is considered as stealing… Lots of sites does that. If you didn’t notice, all posts in a blog have a links to original source tagged as [read] under each post. So seems we are not violating anything.
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