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DIY USB Based CPU Monitor

Instructables user janw built a CPU/RAM load monitor that plugs into your USB port and has posted the steps on Instructables so all you DIYers can build your own! This little device shows you the CPU-load, how much physical and virtual memory is used. The data is shown per 10% on 3 led bars. To achieve this the user have to use a VCP (Virtual COM Port), so that it can be connected to a PC via a USB connection to receive the data. Collecting as well as sending the data was done with the help of a PYTHON script.

There are very basic requirements of the project. For sending and collecting the data, the user needs to have the python 2.7v along with Pyserial and Psutil. For the hardware part, you need a attiny2313 which is manufactured by the Atmel corporation, along with a UART to USB converter, a programmer, a compiler as well as some LED’s resistors and some capacitors.  You can use either the SMD components or through hole components for soldering the components.

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