DIY The LED Matrix “Fancy LED” and Feel The Fun!

Do you have the deep interest in learning about the PIC programming? Well, it’s not as hard as you think here, and it’s requiring only some basic or fundamental knowledge of the programming.

If you an amateur and would like to involve yourself in the PIC programming world, then this Fancy LEDs’ project will be the suitable experiment for you to starting with.

Since this is not a hard project, and most of the components that needed are only some cheap transistors, those common red LEDs, and of course, a 16F28 and you ready to go with it!

There are few more things you should pay attention in this project.

First thing first, you have to ensure that the transistors are either NPN or PNP types, and do check the current flows carefully (You don’t want to make something that won’t work for you, right?).

Secondly, do wire the common emitters of the six transistors to the ground, there is a link on the PCB that makes this connection.

This is a very fun and interesting project for all the home hobbyists. Please do enjoy the making process, guys!

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