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DIY super cheap dual trace scope

Oscilloscope is one of most expensive tool electronics hobbyists must have in order to successfully put their designs to work. It’s like an eyes to see what’s really going on electronics circuits. But can everyone afford to buy one? So this simple scope project can be a temporary solution while sewing for a real one. It is based on Atmel Tiny45 microcontroller and have two 0-5 V analog inputs. Input can be scaled down with the trim pot.

Input pins are soldered on a side so that scope could easily be used in a breadboard. Microcontroller reads data and sends it via USB port to PC. Computer recognizes scope as a HID device, so it doesn’t require any drivers, the only thing you need is to have .NET framework to run front end program.

So if you need to do some low speed testing – this tool might be right choice to start.

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