DIY Microcontroller Rocket/Firework Launcher!

Do you have deep interest on how to launch the rocket or even to control the firework? If you do have this kind of thought, then you must be interested on this Microcontroller Rocket/Firework Launcher!

Basically, this project is fully based on the Arduino Microcontroller. For your information, it’s also a fine combination of wireless fireworks controller and microcontroller rocket launcher.

An Atmega32 microcontroller is the “main brain” for this project because of its quantity of digital I/O lines. Well, if you want to keep things simple but still allowing a workable user interface, then you might consider only using four buttons and two switches, which as:

  • The two switches: Power switch and key switch
  • The four buttons: Left/Right Launch Buttons and Up/Down buttons

One thing that you should consider for this project is the different power source. Instead of the ordinary battery, the rechargeable alarm battery would be easy to integrate and would allow recharging. Furthermore, even different up/down buttons next to the LCD would be better improving the whole launcher system and it can make it looking more professional as well!

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  1. Another thing to add would be toggle switches at each of the firework connection terminals so that you can select which of the connected rockets go off instead of only connecting the ones to ignite

  2. @ Adam, rta. It is software selected which terminals go off.

  3. plz help me make it!!!!!!!

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