DIY-LED’s Vase

In our homes, we all have at least one-vase either made up of glass or any other material that just sits in one corner of the room with no one paying attention to it. However with a little bit of electronics involving a microcontroller and LED’s, the vase can be made more attractive. The pulse effect that the Led’s will create will be unique and quite ravishing.  The set-up consist of a plain, un-modified vase, and a small –battery unit that involves a microcontroller and shines three-Led’s to give nice ambient colours.

The circuit is powered by a PIC microcontroller, a PIC12F683, but the circuit can easily be implemented by any other class of microcontroller, including the Arduino. The circuit utilises lithium-ion cells but it works perfectly with 3 AA or AAA batteries along with a light detection and a voltage reference section. The light detection section is used so as to power the LED’s only in dark conditions, while the voltage reference section is used to detect low-battery detection which plays an important role while using Lithium-ion cells, as over-discharging damages these cells.

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