DIY ARM7 game console

Building games is one of most passionate activities especially if this involves developing hardware itself. And you know – game system doesn’t have to be shiny and crowded with lots of elements on fine PCB. Simply this can be done on a prototyping board with a bunch wires. This game console has an Atmel ARM7 microcontroller AT91R40008 that is capable of running at 100MHz if overclocked.

Arm processor gives enough processing power to run simple games like Super Mario but to make higher resolution VGA image (224×240 and 256colors) there is more RAM and more resources needed. So there is also a PIC18F4682 microcontroller used that only takes care of generating VGA signals and addressing additional dual-port Ram. Game itself is stored on SD card. Despite the fact that console ir still in deep debugging process you can already enjoy the results in following video.

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