DIY an Arduino Mousecatcher by Yourself!

Honestly, each of the household will at least have several types of pests, such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, termites, cockroaches or even mouse. It would be terrific, if your home were free from any types of pests, which is sound totally impossible!

For those that being disturbed by the nasty rodent species, you might be very frustrate, especially when the mouse starting to violent in your house and bite everything, including your favorite clothes and sofa set! You’re really pissed off with this situation, and you want this nightmare to be gone away as soon as possible? Well, in this case, you might need some little help here.

If you’re happened to be one of the dedicated home hobbyists, then this Arduino mousecatcher is what you’ve looking for…


This Arduino mousecatcher is based on an Arduino, a servo and some other components. The main body of this catcher is made from two plastic Tupperware type containers. If the mouse enters the lower container to eat the food, a small tripwire signals the Arduino to activate the servo. There is a string attached on the servo, and is automatically pull a pin. As a result, the upper plastic container will drop down and trap the little living creature instantly!

Once you’re done with it, remember to show some mercy to the poor and deliver it to the outside world!

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