DIY a Spooky Hack-O-Latern with Song LED Flashing!

Do you having any special plan for the upcoming Halloween festival? Well, you might be thinking, “Nah, is still too early for it…” However, this is the best chance for you to practice your PIC controller knowledge, by DIY a “Hack-O-Lantern”.

Before you starting the project, those components you need to prepare here are:

  • Super Bright LEDs, which means you can keeps the Dim LEDs away from this project
  • A Parallax Basic Stamp 2 Microcontroller Board
  • Some nails, which it can be used to hold the micro-controller board onto the side of the pumpkin
  • Computer speaker that will act as an amplifier
  • Sharp knives, and of course
  • A big and round Pumpkin!

Ok, firstly, you have to carve your pumpkin and it’s totally depends on your creativity; whether you want to make the pumpkin a scary face, or even smiley face is up to you! You have to make sure that the LEDs will shine through the pumpkin as well.

After that, you must hook up your microcontroller with the LEDs and speakers in the same place. Next, you have to plug in the 470 ohm resistor leading into the far set of rows under the Vss terminal. Then, is time for you to plug the LEDs into the Vss terminals, which it’s exactly the same rows with resistor (rows 14, 13, 12, 11).

Lastly, remember to put the controller into the pumpkin and you’re done with it!

OK, let’s the Halloween party begins…

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