DIY a PIC Controller Interface with Nokia 1100 LCD

Guys, no matter you believe or not, it’s a very obvious phenomenon that the mobile phone industry has been developed in leaps and boundaries, especially in the past few decades. As one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia Corporation is always standing in the lead of mobile phone niche, as they’re launching at least 12 different types of new mobile phone averagely each year!

Unlike other mobile phones, Nokia’s mobile phones have successfully setting its own brand, which most of the mobile phones have better and clearer LCDs. Due to this reason, the Nokia LCDs have always becoming a popular choice for hardware projects from the past to present days!

Today, we’re trying to DIY a PIC Controller Interface with Nokia 1100 LCD. Why we choose the Nokia 1100 LCD? Well, it is because it’s the cheapest and easy to be interfaced with many programs.

Nokia 1100 LCD Pic interface

Basically, the controller that being used in this project is PCF1884 PCF8814, and it’s not I2C. Even though the chip is I2C capable, but this LCD doesn’t use that mode at all.

The VDDI input can be used, if the I/O levels are different from the LCD supply voltage. By the way, there’s something you have to take note here. The per 1100’s service manual, VDDI id 1.8v but the LCD supply voltage is 2.8v. Normally, the Led driver as per the manual runs with a 4.7 ohm resistor at 3.6v.

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  1. The controller is PCF8814 not PCF1884!!

  2. Thank you for this post.please keep posting like this with this useful information.I will plan to buy this kind of LCD

  3. Thanks I was looking for this since long ago.

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