DIY a Multi-core Spectrum Analyzer Today!

You might have encountered various types of spectrum analyzers in your life. As you know, the common spectrum analyzer is limited with several functions, where you can use it for examining the spectral composition in electrical, acoustic or optical waveform!


If you’re suggesting to buy a brand new spectrum analyzer, it’s the right time to have a peek on this multi-core spectrum analyzer.

For your information, this project is fully based on the PIC32. It utilizes the processing power of three additional dsPIC33 processors. In this case, the inherent speed of the dsPIC33s will be used to perform repetitive FFT computations and provide the parallel interface with the high speed A/Ds. With the multiple cores, the processing of multiple analog input signals would become extremely fast and efficient than before!

Different from other spectrum analyzer, this multi-core spectrum analyzer is going to provide a user with a low cost system, which is able to perform the following tasks:

  • Sampling multiple channels of analog data,
  • Computing the spectral content, and
  • Displaying the result on a color graphical display.

Beside that, the user have his/her own touch screen interface. This feature is allowing them to control the sampling, display, manipulation and storage of the data.

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