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DIY a Digital Conversion of the Fuel and Temperature Gauge Today!

If you’re one of the car owners, especially The Merkur XR4Ti model, then you should stop by and reading this article…

Why? It is because there’s a better solution for overcome the fuel and temperature gauge that couldn’t working properly in the Merkur XR4Ti. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars to replace the fuel and temperature gauges, isn’t it better to replace the old analog system with a DIY digital conversion of the fuel and temperature gauge?

By the way, for those who scratching their head and wondering about Merkut XR4Ti, it was the first vehicle of Ford’s Merkur range that being sold in the United States from 1985 to 1989.


However, it has many downsides for this model. After a decent time, the car’s fuel and coolant temperature gauge are starting to be off. Thus, the values the stock meters displayed would never be accurate.

In this case, you have to build a quick little circuit and use it displays the actual voltages and values. By the way, you must ensure that the gauges are well-grounded and positive current is supplied to them continuously.

It’s your responsibility to measure the resistance of the stock coil meters. By the way, make sure it’s around 60 Ohms and hence, you might display it on the LCD screen!

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