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DIY a DC Motor Speed Controller is a Piece of Cake!

You want to have a persistence DC motor speed controller, but you don’t want to spend money buy it from the local electronic shop? Well, if this is your choice, then you should take some times and build up your very own DC motor speed controller!

For your information, this DC motor speed controller is incredible, as it not only detects and controls the rotational speed of the motor, but it’s possible to be used, especially if you trying to keep constant speed when the motor changes.


When the DC motor speed controller detected that the specification speed is lower than the expected level, it will increase a control electric current to the optimal level. And, when it higher than the specification speed, it will automatically reduce a control electric current. All these specification can be done it by itself!

By the way, for this project, you need to use a motor for the speed detection apart from the main unit motor. All of the speed can be easily detected in the other way. Make sure that the LEDs are lit up to confirm the control situation of the motor.

Hope you’ll enjoy this fantastic project!

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