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DIY 8-bit Computer on ATMega1284

This is an 8Bit computer which apart from being powered by an Arduino is also low cost. It also has a black and white LCD output along with a full QWERTY keyboard input. The brain of this computer is an Arduino ATMega1284 and majority of the files are stored in a 64KB EEPROM chip. It also has support to read and write data through serial interface. The new thing about this project which I found is that all the programs are written in a DPCL (Duo portable command language) for which 12KB of Ram has been reserved.

DPCL consists of plain ASCII commands interpreted by the ATMega1284. DPCL programs are checked for syntax errors during runtime. The display is a 102×64 display which might seems small, but works perfectly. Also an online emulator has been provided to check different DPCl commands which is of great use for a beginner. For those interested in the project, everything from source code to hardware-description is available on the website along with some example programs that can be put to use right away.

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